Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Hang Corbels & Make a Shelf

I had these super-duper pair of corbels and I love love love the peeling paint on them. I sanded the tops of the down a bit to make them flat b/c I was thinking....SHELFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

I first had to locate the studs b/c you absolutely have to use those studs!!!! I *toenailed* the nail through the corbels into the studs and made them nice and secure. Using a piece of glass I found curbside (see my note below peeps) I placed it on the corbels to make my shelf. Instant LOVE.

Important* When putting anything glass out for the trash, please be mindful of little kids. In my old neighborhood, someone had placed an old mirror on the ground. Lo and Behold, a little kiddo crashed his bike and he fell right onto the mirror crashing it!!!! INSTANT TERROR. Please dispose of glass and mirrors responsibly

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